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Low Mount Alternator Bracket Mopar B/RB Engines

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Has provisions for mounting both an adjustable timing pointer and a crank trigger pickup bracket (sold separately). Low mount alternator bracket fits Mopar Dodge Plymouth B/RB engines and 426 style Hemi. Moves the alternator down low, reduces clutter above. Can use modern alternators that have better output at low and high rpm compared to the older OEM alternators. Lightweight design is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum.

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Weight12.8 ounces not including bolts
Material6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish TypeAnodized
Engine typeMopar Dodge Plymouth Chrysler B/RB engines, including 426 style Hemi

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Features mounting provisions for a crank-trigger bracket, which usually mounts using the same holes our alternator bracket uses. Has CNC engraved timing marks in 1 degree increments.

Optional timing pointer can be adjusted up to +/- 6 degrees from middle position so you can "zero" it at exactly TDC (top dead center) on your engine.

With this setup you don't need to choose between one or the other, you can run both a crank trigger ignition and an alternator.  To use with a crank trigger pickup you must order separately the crank-trigger bracket which is what the sensor mounts in. We have them available for 3/8" mini-pickups or 3/4" (standard). 

Alternator bracket fits on passenger side of engine using timing cover bolt holes and spacers to raise it above the lip (if using stamped steel factory type cover). Has been tested on aftermarket aluminum timing covers such as Indy Cylinder Head's cast aluminum covers. Due to changes in dimensions by other manufacturers we cannot guarantee fit on all covers without some modification.

This bracket will not work with the stock mechanical fuel pump in place. It is ideal for use with engine plates, but some plates may require a clearance notch.

The East Coast Auto Electric ultra-mini 55 amp alternator is a perfect fit using the short adjustment bracket. For racers looking to get away from recharging every round yet keep the weight and bulk low this is a good choice. Our 1" low profile crankshaft pulley works very well with this combination using most dampers. The Fluid Dampers have a recessed mounting face for the pulley and will require our 1" pulley to be spaced out an 1/8".

There are a variety of holes to anchor the adjustment arm in to fit small to large alternators. There are 2 choices for adjustment arms, long or short. The short arm is best for smaller alternators and/or in tight engine compartments, it is more of a race oriented part. The long arm will work with all alternators but is larger and is a good choice for street cars. Arms are also available separately.

Brackets include various aluminum spacers to shim the bracket out from steel timing covers and for use shimming the alternator for alignment.

Note: It is recommended to use this with an electric fuel pump (will not fit with a stock type mechanical fuel pump) and an electric water pump.

Important: Be sure you have selected your color and adjustment arm size choices before ordering.

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