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Primer Cop™

Fit’s Hornady’s LNL Progressive Loading Press. Engineered to greatly increase reliable production of loaded ammunition by eliminating all issues that can cause primer feed problems, and prevents an unprimed case from advancing. Reduces frustration, downtime, and cleanup, greatly increasing productivity. See below for full details.

(Available Mid March, pre-orders allowed)

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Material6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish TypeAnodized

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Hornady’s LNL Progressive Loading Press is a popular model for good reason, it’s a solid press with many good features. The priming system is often finicky though, causing primer feed issues than can substantially reduce the number of rounds loaded per hour.

Due to the fact that the Hornady’s LNL Progressive Loading Press has so much power, it’s often hard to feel if a primer was pressed into the case. Another issue that may arise is when the primers in the tube run out, the operator may not notice until several bad rounds are produced.

When either of the two preceding things happen and a charge of gunpowder is then dropped into the case, and in the end a bullet is likely seated, a defective round is produced, spilling gunpowder which is messy, and will contribute to primer feed issues because it jams the primer slide.

For the ultimate in primer feeding reliability in conjunction with the Primer Cop™, some simple reworking of the factory Hornady primer slides should be done, detailed instructions to do that are included. This will make the slide much less apt to jam and primer feeding reliability is greatly increased.

The Primer Cop™ monitors the priming function for you, so you can focus on other things without worry.


The Primer Cop™ replaces the factory primer tube base. It attaches to the platen using one existing bolt hole a second hole (no tapping required) should be drilled through the cast iron platen. The process is very simple, all that is needed is a drill motor as the correct sized drill bit is included. Once bolted to the platen, the primer tube is screwed onto to the Primer Cop™.

Primer Cop™ Features and Benefits

  • Virtually eliminates primers not being advanced to the seating position.
  • Gives solid and adjustable positioning of the platen neutral position.
  • When the priming tube becomes empty, or in the unlikely event debris jams the primer slide, the Primer Cop™ stops the press until the problem is rectified.
  • Fully manual functioning, no batteries required.
  • The factory primer slide spring is no longer needed, and changing slides is made easier and quicker.
  • Reduces bad ammo from unprimed cases and increases production rates.