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    Bracket bolts onto Mopar B and RB engines using lower 2 holes on passenger side timing cover.  Provides a mounting point for  accessories such as alternator adjustment arms, has 5/16"x18 and 3/8"x16 threaded holes. Can be used on aftermarket timing covers and includes 2 spacers for use on stamped sheet metal style timing cover. Requires longer timing...

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    Part of the modular system, this fits DMI's Billet Mopar Big Block Timing Cover only. Includes: Bracket, Stainless Steel Screw for mounting to DMI Billet Timing Chain Cover.  Does not include: Alternator or timing cover, pictured for reference only.  Expected available to ship approximately March 31, 2022

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    Includes: Bracket and Tubular Style Belt Tensioning Arm With Stainless Steel 5/16"Rod Ends, spacers.  Does not include: Alternator, Timing cover, Damper, or Pulley, pictured for context and reference only. Part of DMI's new modular system, this alternator bracket only mounts directly to our Billet Mopar Big Block Timing Cover .   See Additional Product...

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    Alternator Bracket bolts onto fuel pump pad, factory style mechanical fuel pump cannot be used in conjunction with this low mount alternator bracket for big block and Hemi Mopars. Also use as a mounting point for other engine parts. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. Fits: Mopar B, RB, 426 Hemi Engines, Chevy big block engines. Includes: Bracket, stainless...

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