Alternator Bracket Assembled Illustration

This is a general view of how our various brackets fit together on the Mopar big block (383, 400, 426, 440 wedge plus the 426 Hemi style) engines.  Bolt lengths will depend on specifics such the particular alternator and timing cover used. Be sure to use bolts with enough thread engagement.

Stock stamped style timing covers require the use of spacers between the alternator bracket and cover to keep the timing cover lip from being distorted.

The brace, if used, attaches with two of the passenger side water pump bolts.

Spacers are used to adjust and align the parts.  It is important that the alternator pulley and the crank shaft pulley are aligned so the belt runs true, otherwise belts may wear excessively and may be thrown.

Depending on the alternator, mini-alternators will require a 28" x 3/8" V-belt when using one of our pulleys, larger diameter crankshaft and alternator pulleys such as stock versions will require a longer belt.  We will try to add to this information in the future with various examples of specific alternators and required belt sizes.

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